There is nothing like home-made frites, chips or French fries, or however you chose to call them. Here a few tips. 


1- Peel the potatoes and wash them very well under cold running water. The better they are washed, the more they will release their excess starch and hence make better fries. 
2- Dry really well in a cotton towel (not a paper towel).
3- While you cut them in slices or sticks, put some olive oil to boil in a pan. It is better to use a wide rather than a deep pan.
4- Place the fries and let them fry gently, turning them over from time to time. The oil should be very hot but not boiling to avoid fumes.
5- A few minutes before they are done, add one clove of garlic per potato peeled. It will add a nice taste.
6- Take out the fries into a sieve and use some paper towels to get rid of the excess oil. Salt with high quality salt. I either use Himalaya salt or “fleur de sel”. Serve immediately.


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