Zucchini soup with lemon infused olive oil and rosemary

A delicious soup in taste and color!


For one kilogram of fresh zucchini.

1- In a deep pan, place some lemon infused olive oil (if you don’t have any, just use extra virgin olive oil with lemon juice). For the ones in San Miguel or Mexico City, I used “Aceite de Oliva con Limón Persa” from Olio Fino.
2- Fry three cloves of garlic cut in small pieces.
3- When the garlic starts to change color, add the zucchini cut in small cubes, one teaspoon of cumin, one teaspoon of turmeric, coarse salt to taste and a bunch of fresh rosemary (just the green leaves). Mix and let it cook until the zucchini start to change into a golden color.
4- Add water to cover the zucchini and let it simmer until they are completely soft. Mix in a mixer.

Serve hot or cold with pain de campagne. For a light dinner, serve it with a simple green salad on the side topped with lemon juice.


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