Gentil clafoutis aux pommes

A clafoutis a little bit different with a texture more akin to a flan – that is why it is “gentil” (kind in French).
Delicious cold with an espresso!


1- Peal and cut three large golden apples in large chunks.
2- Cook them for about 15 minutes in 50 gr of butter, mixing regularly.
3- In the meantime, mix in a large bowl: three quarters of a cup of sifted flour (80 gr), a quarter of a cup of brown sugar (I used homemade strawberry syrup), a few drops of vanilla extract, four eggs and one cup of milk.
4- In a baking dish buttered and dusted with flour, place the apples then top with the egg mix. Bake for 40 to 45 minutes in a 170º C. oven.

Best served cold. Enjoy! 


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