Banana mousse with pears

I generally prepare the main desert for the week on Sundays. During the week, I alternate it with fresh fruits. Today I made something a bit different.


I found a recipe on the French cuisine site. I took it as an inspiration and gave it a Mexican touch. I replaced the regular bananas with “plátano dominico”. They are smaller bananas and naturally very sweet. And I replaced the lemon juice with lime juice. I also added a bit more cream and used brown instead of white sugar. The result was quiet good I must admit.


Makes six servings.

1- Crush five small “plátano dominico” with the juice of one lime.
2- In a bowl, using the electric mixer, add one pot of yoghurt and three tablespoons of brown sugar.
3- When the mix is homogenous add one pot of heavy cream and mix again.
4- In individual serving bowls, place a few pieces of pears. I used one pear.
5- Add the banana mix and refrigerate for at least four hours before serving.


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