Pasta with ginger marinated fresh tuna, avocado and strawberries

An enchanting combination, and the light and flavorful marinade makes the fish really tender.
Oh and don’t hesitate to use strawberries with pasta. They really go with almost any non-saucy pasta and bring lots of vitamins and color!


For one fresh tuna steak (see photo below) 

1-  To make the marinade: mix olive oil, about five cm of fresh ginger root grated, two garlic cloves crushed, half a teaspoon of cumin, half a teaspoon of brown sugar, fresh crushed pepper to taste and the juice of one lime. Let the fresh tuna marinate for at least 20 minutes.


2-  Cook the pasta as you would always do. Here I used baby papardelle (butterfly or bowtie shaped).
3-  In a pan over medium heat, place the tuna with the marinade. Let it cook for two minutes on one side then turn over for another two minutes. Take the steak out and cut it in thick slices than in squares. Return it to the pan to cook for another two minutes mixing it lightly.
4-  To serve: place the pasta at the bottom of the bowl, add half an avocado cut in cubes, the tuna squares, four to five fresh strawberries thinly sliced, fresh mint leaves and grated parmegiano. You can also pour a few drops of high quality virgin olive oil on top. Serve immediately.


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