Light and easy lemon scones

I have been looking for an easy scone recipe and I could not find one since most call on too many steps and take too long. So I invented these. They are easy to make and bake fast, making them ideal for either breakfast or high tea.

Instead of having to cut the dough and bake the scones in a flat baking pan, I used a madeleine pan so that the dough would be handled as little as possible to make the scones very light.

I served them with home made fig jam.


This recipe is for 12 scones.

 1-    Prepare a madeleine baking pan by spreading some melted butter and sprinkling it with flour.


2-    Melt 50 gr of high quality butter. Once it starts to melt add the skin of a quarter of a lemon cut in very small wedges. Take out of the fire when it is almost melted and set aside.
3-    In a bowl, mix on high speed two whole eggs and a tablespoon of honey. Mix for at least five minutes, until it acquires a light yellow color.
4-    In a separate small bowl combine three quarters of a cup of sifted flour, a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of baking powder.
5-    Change the hand mixer utensils to the ones used for dough (in the form of spirals) or use a spatula, and mix in the flour very gently and slowly into the egg mixture.
6-    When it has an even consistency add the melted butter with the lemon wedges, and mix again.
7-    Immediately place the dough in the madeleine baking pan. Use one generous tablespoon per space.
8-    Bake for 10 to 12 minutes in a 180º C. oven. Let them cool a little before taking them out of the pan.
9-    Serve alone or with a homemade jam of choice.


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