Carrot soup with ginger, cumin and herbs

I just made this delicious carrot soup for dinner. It can either be served cold or hot.
Most recipes for carrot soup call for adding orange juice. Here it does not. What gives the soup its great taste is the fact that the carrots are rapidly cooked before the water is added.


For one kilogram of carrots. 

1- In a large pan, place some olive oil and add four cloves of garlic, an inch of fresh ginger root grated, a handful of fresh cilantro (or a mix of fresh herbs of choice), a little bit of salt and pepper, and two teaspoons of cumin. Let it cook moving it constantly until the aroma comes out.
2- Add the carrots, peeled and cut in large chunks. Make sure they are also cut lengthwise so that the center part is exposed. That will help release its natural sugar. Mix well with the spices and let it fry for a good 15 minutes mixing it from time to time so the carrots at the bottom do not burn.
3- Add one liter of water and bring to boil. Then let it simmer until the carrots are done.
4- Blend in a mixer and serve either cold or hot, accompanied with country bread. You can add a teaspoon of either plain yogurt or cream in each bowl just before serving. It creates a nice color combination.


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