Chicken with rosemary, garlic, milk and baby potatoes

A delightful way to make chicken. It is easy and the chicken comes out extremely tender. The rosemary and garlic give it a wonderful flavor.


The recipe is for one whole chicken cut into pieces, with skin and bones.

1- In a bowl, mix seven garlic cloves crushed, a handful of rosemary, one and half cup of whole milk, about half a cup of olive, salt and pepper.
2- In a large oven baking dish, place the liquid and add the pieces one at a time making sure they are well soaked. Do it by hand.
3- Place about a kilogram of washed baby potatoes among the chicken pieces. Cut the potatoes in half if they seem too big.
4-  Add half a cup of milk on top.


5- Place in a hot oven (200º C.) for 30 minutes. Turn the chicken pieces and mix the potatoes, and continue cooking for about 15 minutes. Turn the chicken pieces once more and leave for another 10 minutes making sure the chicken and the potatoes have a golden color.


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