Crêpes de Paris

Crêpes! Simple and straight forward recipe from Paris.
Make them for snack, for breakfast or simply to warm your heart!
For our breakfast, I served them with fresh raspberries and cajeta (dulce de leche). My young son will not have them any other way than with Nutella and fresh fruits!


1- Mix two cups of sifted flour, two and half cups of milk and four eggs. Beat by hand until you get an even consistency.
2- At this point you can add either a quarter of a teaspoon of salt if you will use the crêpes for a salty recipe, or a teaspoon of sugar for a sweet recipe. Myself I don’t add anything.
3- Cook a small ladle at a time in a non-stick pan. Use a wooden spatula to turn over.
4- If you are not using a high quality non-stick pan, the first crêpe might stick. Let it stick it will help prepare the pan. Just scrape it out with a soft spatula and wipe the pan with a small paper towel imbued with a bit of oil. Keep that paper towel at hand to wipe the pan if other crêpes stick to the pan.



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