Beignets aux pommes

A wonderful afternoon snack for little and big kids alike, and it is so easy to make too! Enjoy the beignets just as they are, with a light sprinkle of sugar or some red berries and a few drops of honey.

The recipe here presented is for apple, and it can also be used for bananas.


The recipe is for about 4 to 5 medium sized apples. I used Golden Apples.

1- In a large bowl, mix with a spatula one and half cup of sifted flour, a tablespoon of baking powder, a pinch of salt and the yolk of three eggs. Add slowly while mixing one and half cup of milk.
2- In a smaller bowl, beat the white of the three eggs stiff. And gently fold into the other mix to make the batter.
3- Peel one or two apples (do not peel all of the apples so that they remain fresh) and cut either in fancy rounds or simply in medium size pieces. 
4- In a pan put a little bit of oil (I used olive oil). The beignets are not to be deep fried but rather fried on one side then turned over once. You can always replenish the oil as you go along.
5- Take a piece of apple in a soupspoon and dip in the batter so that the apple is well coated. Take along a little bit more of the batter in the spoon. Place gently in the oil. Continue doing so with other pieces of apple until the pan is filled with plenty of space between the beignets so that they do not stick to each other.
6- Keep the fire on medium to low. Turn over when they start getting golden-brown. It takes about 3 to 4 minutes per side. Continue until all the apples are done. 
7- When done, place the beignets on a paper napkin to remove excess oil. Serve as you wish, topped with a little bit of sugar, or with red berries and honey.


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