Lentils – Afghan style with coconut milk

This is a wonderful and easy to prepare recipe for lentils Afghan style with a slight twist. Afghan style lentils mean they contain the three basic “c” spices: cumin, cardamon and cinnamon, among other spices. Here, I have added a little twist with coconut milk. This alternative to a simple broth, makes the dish very healthy and gives it a delicious smooth texture.


1- Rinse thoroughly one and half to two cups of small brown lentils and let it stand in water for about one hour.
2- In a large cooking pan, place a little bit of olive oil, four garlic cloves crushed, about an inch of fresh ginger root grated, three teaspoons on cumin, the seeds of seven cardamom pods, a small cinnamon stick, salt and fresh crushed pepper to taste. Fry the spices mixing them constantly until they start giving out their aroma.
3- Add the lentils and mix until well coated. Add one serving (about 200 ml or one can) of coconut milk. Mix again and finally add some water so that the lentils are all covered.
4- Lower the fire once it starts to boil. It should take about 45 minutes to cook, adjust with water should it starts to dry.
5- Serve toped with fresh cilantro and accompanied by a yoghurt, cucumber and mint salad, and white Basmati rice cooked with raisins.


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