Art – Kim Hyeung Geun

“Still life” by Kim Hyeung Geun (Korea, b. 1930) – 2014.
Via Blouin Art Info


Tostada de salmon ahumado

A delight! And so so fresh. I made it with oven baked corn tortillas (it becomes a tostada) sprinkled with sesame seeds and the smoked salmon is from Norway.


Just place on a tostada: a few slices of avocado and some smoked salmon. Top with a slice of Gari (Japanese ginger pickle) and sprinkle with dried mint and lime juice.


Cappuccino with chocolate ice-cream

Another wonderful treat for the goûter (four o’clock snack). I made it with decaf cappuccino to the joy of my son. The mixture of cold and hot is delightful!


Just prepare a cappuccino with one shot of espresso and plenty of foam. Drop two scoops of chocolate ice-cream and it’s done. No sugar added.


Chocolate – banana milkshake

Oh the wonders of a milkshake when my little one comes back from school on a warm afternoon!


Just place in the electric mixer as much chocolate ice-cream as you want, one banana and milk just enough to cover three quarters of the content. Mix a few times, back and forth.

Enjoy and smile!